Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dental Checkup—Dedicated to Your Child’s Oral Care

Commonly, a child begins to get their first set of teeth during the first six months of birth. By age 7 their teeth tend to fall out, and a new set appears that is permanent. During this period of the first set of teeth and early stages of the second, the child is vulnerable to infections.


Statistically speaking, the chance of a child getting an oral infection during this stage is five times more than Asthma and seven times more than hay fever.


Cedar Avenue Family Dentistry provides your child with the best possible dental care. Our pediatric dentists in Flagstaff are professionals with long-term experience, and know just how to take care of your child. Hence, your child will never be afraid to go to a dentist.


Regular Dental Cleaning

For proper dental care, and to avoid future cavities, professionals recommend that an appointment be made within the first 12 months after the child develops their first tooth.


In accordance with the guidelines, dental cleanings should be performed every six months. It can increase from 9-12 months if you receive a regular dental cleaning. However, if you didn’t receive dental cleaning before, you might have to get it every three months.


Our goal is to make sure your child’s oral health is secure. With proper dental exams and cleaning, our Flagstaff pediatric dentists can eliminate the risk of cavities, tooth infections, and tooth decay. Your child will have a beautiful smile as they grow up.


The majority of problems can be handled by brushing and flossing regularly. However, dental cleaning is necessary at least once a year. With time, a plaque hardens on your teeth that brushing and flossing can’t remove. For that reason, it’s important to have your teeth professionally cleaned.


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Long-Lasting Dental Fillings

If your child has a missing tooth or a cavity, they may require a dental filling. This is because bacteria can develop in and around the teeth, and cause infections that can make other teeth fall out.


Now dental fillings performed by our Flagstaff pediatric dental staff aren’t permanent. That’s because they are constantly moving in your mouth. All that chewing, biting, eating, and grinding gives them a hard time. However, they can be made to last a long time, and that’s what we do.


Our dentists are skilled in their profession, and with the proper treatment, your child will feel much better shortly after the procedure. Keep in mind that it’s perfectly normal to feel a bit of discomfort after the filling procedure.


Dental Extraction

It’s essential to extract a child’s tooth if it can’t be repaired. Sometimes, a child’s tooth decay is so bad that even a root canal can’t save it. In those circumstances, an extraction performed by our Flagstaff pediatric dentists is the only option.


If the decayed tooth isn’t removed, the infection might spread to other teeth causing additional tooth loss. Moreover, tooth extraction is also needed if the tooth is crowding the child’s other teeth.


We are always here for your child’s care. Removing a tooth at this age will be beneficial for the child as the other teeth will properly align and develop in the early stages, so your child will have a bright and beautiful smile.


What is Nitrous and How Safe is It?

Nitrous has been used in the dental industry for years. It is both safe and effective in helping to reduce anxiety.  It isn’t addictive and hypoallergenic.  Because of this, it is commonly used in Pediatric dentistry.  This allows the patients to remain calm and have a positive experience while at the dentist.  It only takes a few minutes to be effective. 


However, while undergoing a procedure it can be very useful.  The effects of nitrous disappear rather quickly as soon as the mask is removed.  This allows the patient to return to normal life in a safe and effective manner immediately.  While they may be numb or tender from the procedure it is best to follow the dentists’ advice and instructions.  While many patients like the effects of nitrous, it isn’t for everyone.  Be sure to ask questions before you are your child’s treatment.


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Why Choose Us?

Experience and professionalism are at the base of every service we offer. Our dentists are professionals with experience in pediatric dentistry. Not only do we provide the best filling, extraction, and exam services in Flagstaff, but we also take care of your children in a friendly manner. We’re devoted to the satisfaction of our patients.


Children give parents a hard time because they can put things in their mouths that cause infections. With proper oral care, these infections can be prevented. If your child receives treatment on time, the long-term harmful effects of infection can be avoided.


Now let’s take a look at the services offered by Cedar Avenue Family Dentistry. Generally speaking, the main problem a child can have during childhood (and especially in their teenage years) is cavity or tooth infection. We provide proper dental cleaning that can prevent these painful experiences.


However, if you didn’t get your child dental care and have an oral problem, we can take care of it via extraction or by inserting fillings. Our dentists have a friendly attitude that helps your child get rid of fear and remain more comfortable during the procedure.


Frequently Asked Questions:

When does your child need their first pediatric dentist appointment?

Professionals recommend that you schedule an appointment soon after your child gets their first tooth. A dentist will also give you a time estimate of the first twelve months. Proper care in childhood can lead to a more care-free life in adulthood.

How often should a child see the dentist?

Most dental professionals suggest that parents take their children to the dentist at least once every six months. This makes it easier to get regular dental care. Two trips in a year also ensures that your child’s teeth are in perfect alignment. Minor infections don’t cause long-term problems if treated within six months.

How do dentists check toddler's teeth?

The dentist will look for any signs of decay, examine your child’s bite and look for potential problems. Even though baby teeth will fall out, any problems with the child’s gums or jaw can remain. The dentist won’t suggest an X-ray because baby teeth fall out, making the x-ray a waste. 

What do they do at a child's first dentist appointment?

The dentist will do a general checkup to look for potential problems. He will also show the child the proper way to clean their teeth. The dentist will meet the child in a friendly way so that the child doesn’t hesitate to come to him regularly. He will also advise the parents on how to take better care of their child’s oral health. 

At what age does pediatric dental care stop?

Pediatric dentists see children from the first year of their birth till their second set of permanent teeth fully develop. However, some parents continue to take their teenage kids to pediatric dentists until they’re legally adults. 

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