Tooth Replacement

Tooth Replacement—A Perfect Alternative to Damaged Teeth

You might have lost a tooth because of tooth decay, infection, accident, or some genetic problem. Leaving the missing tooth space empty might develop an infection that can cause additional tooth loss. By covering the gap with a dental implant, an infection will be prevented.


Appearance is an important part of personality. Dental implants not only look like real teeth but also provide superior functionality to your teeth. Hence, getting an implant that looks completely natural brings the spark back to your smile.


Even if you are not affected by having a missing tooth in a smile, you still need a dental implant. Why? Because a single missing tooth can cause an infection in your mouth that can ruin all your teeth. Book an appointment with us in Flagstaff to discuss your dental implant or tooth replacement.


Dental Implants

At Cedar Family Dentistry in Flagstaff, we believe dental implants are the best way to fix your missing tooth. How? Dental implants are fixed directly in your jaw in a way that reduces the burden from other teeth. Hence, your jaw bone structure is restored to its original functionality.


After you get a dental implant, it will preserve the natural tooth tissue and reduce bone resorption. Not having a dental implant might lead to jaw problems that can cause additional tooth loss.


Dental implants are always more beneficial for you than other procedures, but they’re a bit more costly than others as well. However, health is the real wealth. Having dental implants restores the bite force of your jaw and prevents any change in the jaw shape.


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Dental Bridges:

If you are missing one or more teeth in a row, you have options. While most of us have heard of partials and bridges, we haven’t heard of more permanent options.  A dental bridge will work to replace several missing teeth in a row. 



It will attach to the teeth from the front and back of the missing ones. It is usually removable, similar to dentures.  Many have heard of dental implants.  Dental implants are done with surgery and a fake tooth is implanted into the jaw bone. This will allow a more permanent solution for a missing tooth. However, when combined, we have a dental implant bridge that can be very effective and look great too.



A dental implant bridge replaces three or more teeth.  It is a plate that will have to be surgically installed. Typically they are a fixed solution, meaning once in they are not removable by the patient.  These are perfect for young people that have had trauma to the mouth and are missing quite a few teeth.  This allows the jawbone to remain intact, unlike using dentures. 



When teeth have removed the structure of the mouth will eventually begin to change. However, with a dental implant bridge, you will have less shifting and bone loss due to the missing teeth.  It will allow you to have a great smile.  A dental implant bridge from Cedar Family Dentistry in Flagstaff will save you money. Having each tooth replaced individually can be far more costly than getting a dental implant bridge but yet have the same outcome. 


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Implant Bridges:

Implants and bridges have been around in the dental industry for quite some time. It has just been recent years where the combination has been used to help people with missing teeth.  This procedure is a permanent solution that many people find helpful.  Tooth loss for whatever reason can be devastating to some. 


The emotional scars that this can cause can be brutal. But, there is a solution.  If you have had a traumatic event or maybe didn’t have proper dental care as a child and have suffered significant tooth loss there is a solution.  Dental bridge implants allow people to get their smiles back.

Implant-Supported Dental Bridges:

Dental bridges improve your speech and pronunciation along with your eating and chewing abilities. However, simple dental bridges aren’t implant-supported and may cause problems to your surrounding teeth.


Implant bridges provide superior functionality as they are supported by an implant framework. Dental bridges are a better option if you want them to look and function the way they naturally should.


Our dentists will guide you through what’s best for you, but the choice remains yours. You’ll have the pros and cons of all procedures, and you’ll be the one making a choice based on your budget. We don’t force our advice. Your satisfaction is our aim.



Fix & Snap-on Implant Dentures

These dentures are better than normal dentures as they are held in place not only by gums but by an implant or an implant-supported framework. We are devoted to your oral health. It is of utmost importance to us that your dentures look and function exactly like your teeth.


The key difference between the two is that fixed implant dentures are supported by implants and are not removable. They are permanent, and their roots of titanium are fixed in your jaw or other implants.


However, the snap-on implant dentures from our Flagstaff area dental office are removable. The main difference is that you attach them on implants rather than sealing them using dental cement. The dentist will help you select the best choice for you.


Surgical Extraction and Bone Grafting

A surgical extraction is done by making an incision on the gum tissue section to reach the tooth that is otherwise not accessible. Hence, surgical extraction requires a more detailed procedure than normal extraction.


Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that increases the amount of bone; in particular a part of the jaw or supporting a particular part. The bone is taken from another part of the body. You need it to keep your teeth in place.


Cedar Family Avenue Dentistry has dentists who have experience in such procedures and get it done with proper care. We aim to provide patients with better dental care.


Why Choose Us?

Our dentists are both professionals and have plenty of experience in the field. They are devoted to your oral health care and keep you aware of all the problems that you can face in the future and ways to prevent them.


Cedar Avenue Family Dentistry provides a variety of services that cover every aspect of your dental care. We offer you all the options and let you choose the one that suits you. Our staff is honest with the features of each service and their cost.


Our procedures and services in Flagstaff include dental implants, implant bridges, fixed and snap on-implant dentures, surgical extraction, and bone grafting. You can consult with our dentists and discuss your eating habits to get what’s best for you.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does it take to recover from a dental bone graft?

Usually, it takes from two weeks to two months. The bone graft needs to settle and fuse with your bone. However, if you need a dental implant after bone grafting, you will have to wait a few months before getting one.


What is the downside of a dental implant?

Dental implants are the perfect companions for your other teeth. Their only downside is that they can be a bit expensive, so you need a budget to afford them.


Why do you need surgical extraction instead of normal extraction?

Sometimes, the tooth that is to be removed can’t be accessed directly. Hence, the dentist needs to make an incision to the gum near the area and then do the extraction. This process is known as a surgical extraction.


Are fixed bridges a better choice than removable ones?

Fixed bridges are supported by implants. They aren’t as good as implants but can last from 10 to 20 years. Hence, a better alternative when compared to simple bridges. Simple bridges are supported by the surrounding teeth and have many downsides.


How long should I wait before eating after a dental procedure?

The modern procedures allow you to eat soon after the procedure, but you have to wait a couple of hours so that the anesthetic wears off. The anesthetic numbs your cheeks and gums. It is recommended to consume plenty of fluids during the first 24 hours.

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