What to Expect After Dental Implant Treatment?

If you recently had a dental implant treatment in Flagstaff, AZ, you may not know what to expect after the procedure. Dental implants can replace a damaged or missing tooth with an artificial one that functions and looks much like natural teeth.

A dental implant can be a great alternative to bridgework or dentures that don’t fit properly. However, a common concern for people who may benefit from this treatment is what to expect after the surgery. We’ll discuss that in this blog and advise you on how to enhance healing, along with long-term care tips for dental implants.

What to Expect Immediately After Dental Implant Placement Process

Dental implant treatment is an outpatient procedure done in a series of stages. The stages may include tooth preparation, grafting (when necessary), implant placement, bone growth and recovery, abutment installment, and artificial tooth placement.

Whether you get dental implant treatment in a single stage or several phases, you may experience some discomfort after the procedure. These may include:

  • Pain in the treatment area
  • Minor bleeding
  • Swelling of gums and face
  • Bruising of gums and skin

Following dental implant surgery, you may need pain medications to relieve pain and discomfort. But if the discomfort worsens or you experience any other problem, don’t hesitate to call your dentist.

As you heal, you may need to maintain a soft food diet to allow the surgical area to heal. And once you entirely heal, the stitches will dissolve on their own, or they can be removed by your dental surgeon if they aren’t self-dissolving.

How Can I Encourage Healing?

Once you have restored your teeth, there are some things you can or cannot do to encourage healing. First, avoid disturbing the surgical area with your fingers or tongue. It’s also important to skip rinsing your mouth immediately after the treatment.

This can cause bleeding by damaging the blood clot that has developed. Smoking or sucking on straws may also dislodge blood clots, which can cause damage and delay the healing process.

Long-Term Care for Dental Implants

In addition to practicing good oral hygiene and maintaining a great diet, you need to work hand in hand with your oral surgeon to achieve long-term success for your dental implant. Essentially, your dentist shares the responsibility of keeping your implants in good shape for a long time.

Also, visit your Flagstaff dentist frequently for regular exams and cleanings to keep your gums and teeth healthy. During these visits, your dentist will check your dental implant for signs of infection and proper bone support, and if there is any problem, the dentist will provide prompt treatment to avoid permanent bone damage.

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