TMJ treatment in Flagstaff, AZ

Are you looking to find relief from jaw pain and enhance jaw function? TMJ treatment can reduce discomfort and improve your ability to eat, speak, and perform daily activities comfortably.

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TMJ treatment in Flagstaff, AZ | Cedar Avenue

What Is TMJ/TMD?

TMJ/TMD, or temporomandibular joint disorders, describes a group of disorders affecting the temporomandibular joint. The temporomandibular joint is a joint that connects the jawbone to the skull, acting like a hinge to allow chewing. TMD occurs when various factors affect the normal functioning of this joint, causing swelling, tenderness, pain and headaches.

TMJ treatment in Flagstaff, AZ

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Physical therapy can play a significant role in alleviating TMJ symptoms?

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We offer nightguards to address your TMJ/TMD. One of our licensed dentists will take impressions of your teeth then send them to a lab to manufacture your custom night guards. Patients wear this appliance on their teeth to keep the teeth apart and help the jaw muscles relax. They’re also great for protecting the teeth from the negative effects of bruxism and clenching.

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The TMJ Pain Treatment Process

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Initial Consultation

The TMJ treatment process starts with a consultation with one of our licensed dentists. The dentist will check your medical history before thoroughly examining the jaw and face. Sometimes, the dentist might take x-rays or conduct CT scans to get a clear picture of the jawbone and surrounding tissues.

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Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

Our Flagstaff dentist will use information from the physical evaluation to diagnose you with a type of TMD. They’ll then use the diagnosis to develop a treatment plan that addresses your complication. Treatments include jaw exercises, stress management, mouth devices, and stress management. Dentists might recommend surgery for severe cases.

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Treatment Administration

Next, the dentist will administer treatments as indicated in the treatment plan. Treatment is usually administered over a given duration, especially for non-invasive treatments, including jaw exercises, stress management activities and lifestyle modification. Dentists might also create a custom night guard to address your TMD.

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Follow-Up and Maintenance

The dentist will create time for follow-up appointments. These appointments will check the progress and effectiveness of your treatment. We might decide to switch treatment options based on our evaluation during these treatments. We conclusively establish your TMJ is healed when the symptoms disappear completely.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, TMJ can go away on its own, but only in minor cases. Far-advanced TMJ requires treatment by a licensed dental practitioner. The dentist will assess your symptoms and take x-rays of your jaw to determine the severity of your TMJ and administer appropriate treatment.

The most noteworthy symptom of TMJ is a dull, throbbing pain in the jaw that worsens when you chew. The pain sometimes extends to the ears and neck, sometimes leading to headaches. Other symptoms of TMJ include a popping sound when opening and closing the mouth and limited jaw mobility. Patients with TMJ/TMD may also experience tinnitus, an incessant ringing in the ear(s).

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