Oral Surgery in Flagstaff, AZ

If you’re dealing with a dental issue, there’s no need to wait in pain. Whether you require multiple dental implants or a simple extraction, oral surgery can correct issues and set your smile up for long-term success.

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Flagstaff Oral Surgery

Why might I need oral surgery?

We get it – the term “oral surgery” can sound serious, painful, and expensive. But that isn’t always the case. Many patients in Flagstaff undergo oral surgery to address common conditions, such as sleep apnea or tooth loss. Oral surgery can provide a solution to long-standing dental issues and keep them from worsening in the future. Plus, opting into oral surgery restores the form and function of your mouth and sets your oral health back on track. It can be difficult to know if oral surgery is right for you, so reach out to your doctor to get the conversation started.

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Did you know…

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The most common form of oral surgery is the removal of wisdom teeth.

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Cutting-Edge Technology

Our CBCT scanner takes a 3D x-ray of your mouth, teeth, and jaw, allowing our team to plan the most precise procedure possible.

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Soothing Sedation Options

You deserve to feel relaxed and pain-free throughout your visit. That’s why we offer a variety of sedation options to ensure a comfortable experience.

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Custom Treatment Plan

Keeping Care Affordable

To keep your oral surgery procedure in line with your budget, our friendly team is here to walk you through your options and find a plan that works for you.

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A smile is worth 1,000 words.

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The Benefits of Oral Surgery

Restore Your Smile’s Function

Oral surgery can help you chew, smile, and laugh with natural ease again.

Get You Out Of Pain

Dealing with a tender tooth or achy jaw? A surgical procedure can find a solution to your pain point.

Prevent Further Issues

By treating the root of your dental issue, we can keep dental problems from worsening down the road.

The Oral Surgery Treatment Process

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Treatment Planning & Preparation

Your dentist will walk you through your treatment, the surgery related to the treatment plan, what to expect the day of the procedure, and how to prepare. They may discuss sedation options with you based on your personal needs.

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Day of Surgery

Arrive early for your appointment and wear comfortable clothing. Your Flagstaff dentist will make specific recommendations for you based on your treatment plan and needs.

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Healing & Aftercare

Give yourself a few days to heal after surgery. Swelling and discomfort for the next 24 hours is normal. Keep your head elevated and use ice packs to reduce swelling. Take any medications as directed by your dentist. And stick to a soft food diet for the first 48 hours after surgery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Possibly, depending on your insurance provider and coverage. You should talk to your dental insurance providers to see if your recommended oral surgery is covered.

The cost of oral surgery varies from procedure to procedure. Similar to time commitment, simpler surgeries will be less expensive and complex surgeries will be more expensive. If your dental insurance does not cover your oral surgery, consider loans or a payment plan to get the care you need.

It completely depends on the procedure and the complexity of your case. Simpler procedures, such as tooth extractions, may take minutes. Complex procedures, like placing dental implants for a full arch of teeth will take more time. Your dentist will give you a thorough explanation of the procedure, tell you how to properly prepare, and let you know what to expect on the day.

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